About Mdut

May 27, 2016


Mdut (pronounced “Medewtwy) SeshrAnkh is a lecturer on ancient African history and religions/spiritual systems.  He had been taught at the feet of one our historical greats.

Dr. Yosef ben Yochannen, affectionately referred to as Dr. Ben.   Mdut has also studied one of our most ancient languages – Mdw Ntcher (pronounced “Medew Netcher” and renamed “hieroglyphics” by the Greeks) and our original history by other great cultural teachers in our community.  Mdut has traveled to various countries on the African continent since 8yrs. of age, as well as through Europe, parts of Asia and the Caribbean. Mdut can be referred to as a “Jolly” in the truest form of sharing “Ourstory” in the way our ancestors used to.  His presentations are primarily interactive and in story form.  His theme is “power is knowledge.”  Our community has been so divided by “misinformation,” and the truth shall unite and empower us as a whole.


Mdut is available for lectures and may be reached at info@mutsmer.com , or (877) 778-1817.